Monday, August 11, 2008


The 2008 official Olympic mascots. they are beibei,jingjing,huanhuan.yingying and nini
according to chinese beliefs these mascots are the signs and symbols that will spread the blessings
to the children of the world.

Bubbling Income

Bubbling Income

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People enjoy blogging because of tons of reason first they can have an instant online diary that can be accessible world wide by your friends, relatives, your old classmates and anyone under the sun. next is you can meet a lot of friends when you blog you can exchange link with them give comments on their blog and later on you can marry him(who knows). Next is you can give information to the public depending on the content of your blog or website or your chosen topic for example you will make a blog about how to bake a cake or how to cook. And finally the sweetest word on blogging is earning income, if you wonder how this happened? well it goes this way after you made your blog you can sign-up to some online advertising network. Example of this is the google adsense it’s the most popular online advertising network just read their FAQ and visit their support section for more info on this.

2008 Most influential people according to time magazine

Saturday, August 9, 2008

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2008 Philippine Champion on world Cyber Game

Friday, August 8, 2008

2008 Philippine Champion on world Cyber Game

The Philippine representatives on the up coming world cyber game in Germany was already chosen. The games included in the competition are Guitar Hero,Warcraft,Command and Conquer,DOTA and CounterStrike.

Rewards and Prizes for national champions

=>Intel Quad core processor

=>Samsung Cellphones

=>Sparkle Video cards

=>Asrock Mother boards

=>Logitech items


Guitar Hero:

Rafael Formoso


Frederick Pe

Command and Conquer:

John Raymond Tan


Rhymel Olete,

Jose Silva Jr.

,Ronald Robins,

Kendrick Sy,

Rovic John Perez

Counter Strike

Arvin Agbisit
Paolo Nancho
Jupiter Mars Gaboy
EJ Clores
Gary Guevarr

Larrabee(Multi Core)


Looking for new? Well here’s the Intel’s multicore “Larrabee” not so new but it’s the latest. the apple of the eye on the graphic world in the future. According to the news it will be available on the market this coming 2009. gamers are surely excited about it. They will now feel the game under their skin because of the gorgeous visuals and awesome graphic performance made by this multicore chip from Intel.